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  Proteomics is becoming an important approach for precision medicine, especially for disease biomarker discovery and valiation. In this website five body fluids (plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, amniotic fluid and urine) and two tissues (brain and thyroid) from normal Chinese were presented. The detailed protein list, peptide and tandem mass spectrum were provided for browse and searching, which might provide a baseline for disease research. More tissues and body fluids proteomics database, including normal and disease will be provided in the future.

  The database is linked to different websites that provide the detailed information of the identification of each body fluid/tissue. All the protein and peptide data acquired in the MS analysis is easily accessed by searching the protein name, protein ID and peptide sequence. For each identified protein, detailed information of the iBAQ value and estimated concentration in the body fluid/tissue are displayed. By clicking on the protein name, the users can connect directly to the Uniprot website in order to access to the existing functional annotation of these proteins. Detailed information in the MS/MS analysis, including the percentage sequence coverage, ion scores, and observed m/z, are implemented. The database not only provides the proteins identified in the human body fluid/tissue but also the peptide sequences, which is helpful in selecting the appropriate peptides for targeted proteomics experiments.

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